Wild Moo’s Chase

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce a new musical development!

I have been hired on as a piano accompanist for Cathexis Theatre’s new production!  This summer, at The Edmonton Fringe Festival, we will be premiering a new, original musical.  It is called Wild Moo’s Chase!  The plot of the musical is about a young woman, Filet, who lives in the fictional world of Meatland.  This is a place where everyone is obsessed with meat, and they are under the control of Filet’s father, Meat Man!  However, the world has a mysterious door, called “The Door”, that no one wants to open, out of fear of what they might discover.  Moreover, Filet experiences a constant internal struggle within her thoughts; specifically, between two conflicting points of view.  She too is scared of “The Door”.  But when she learns of some contradictions to what she was taught, she makes the brave decision to go through “The Door” and learn the truth.  What will she find there?  Well, you will just have to come to the show and find out!

Wild Moo’s Chase will open at The Fringe on August 12, 2022, and will run until August 21, 2022, at La Cite Francophone.

It’s been a great show to work on so far.  I hope to see you there in August!