New Music Project!

Greetings everybody!

In my last post, I promised updates, and I told you to stay tuned. Well, I think I have kept you all waiting long enough. Here we go!

I am excited to announce that I have begun a new musical project! I am currently working with soprano Cynthia Ganga on some lullabies. The lullabies range from classics like Schubert’s “Ave Maria” and Brahms’ “Wiegenlied” to modern lullabies like Menotti’s “Lullaby” from The Consul and Fauré’s “Pie Jesu”. Later in the year, Cynthia and I will record the lullabies. We are very excited to work together on this wonderful mix of music.

Also, Cynthia has quite a beautiful voice! She is a wonderful singer, both to listen to and to play for. Before you go, make sure to check out this video of her performing “One Kiss” by Sigmund Romberg. It is from the musical New Moon.

That’s all for now! Until next time, take care!

The Best and Worst Endings in Classical Music

Greetings everybody!

It’s been a while since my last post, since I’ve had more changes happen in my life. But now, I’m starting to get back into music and a couple of projects. Stay tuned for more on those!

In the meantime, I discovered this interesting and entertaining YouTube channel hosted by David Bruce, who is a composer himself. This particular video that I am going to share is about the best and worst endings in classical music. In this video, Bruce gives a lot of insight and in-depth analysis on how to end a piece and the different ways that composers did so throughout history (as well as what works and what didn’t quite work, from a compositional point of view). I definitely gained a lot of insight and thought more about the little details and nuances of the endings of pieces that I never noticed before. Give this video a watch; it’s worth it! And while you’re there, check out more of Bruce’s channel; I know I will!

Greetings and updates!

Greetings everybody!

After a long hiatus, I am finally back! Things have been very busy lately, especially in my library program, so I have taken a break from music. This semester, I had three amazing library experiences. Along with coursework, I worked as a shelver at MacEwan University, worked as a Library Collection Assessment Intern for the Alberta Museums Association, and did a fantastic practicum at the University of Alberta Cameron (Science and Technology) Library. And now, as of today, I am now a shiny new graduate of the Library and Information Technology (LIT) program! I feel amazing, like I am ready to take on the world!

Despite my new blossoming career, I will definitely continue taking on music gigs and being there for all your music needs. Remember that for a wedding, show, or concert, if you need a pianist, I’ve got you covered!

And in the meantime, make sure to check out my latest video, “Let me call you sweetheart”.

A long-awaited return

Greetings everyone!

It has been a long time since my last blog entry.  I have been focusing on my career.  But now, I am back!

Very soon, springtime will be upon us, and we know what that means.  Wedding season!!  I am very excited to be practicing some old favorites but also learning new wedding music as well.

On that note, I have a treat for you!  Recently, I recorded a classic song, “Let me call you sweetheart”; composed by Leo Friedman in 1911 with lyrics by Beth Slater Whitson, it is the perfect wedding song; vintage, classic, and romantic.  I have uploaded my recording to this website, both as an MP3 file and as a YouTube slideshow video.  You can listen to it here.

I hope to have some more recordings for you in the coming months.  Until then, take care!




Greetings and updates!

Hello everyone!

It has been a long hiatus since my last blog entry. I’ve put music aside for my post-secondary studies, but now, with recent performances at the 2018 Edmonton Kiwanis Festival, I am back in it!

Next month will be the month of May, which means that wedding season is upon us! I am available to play at weddings, both for the ceremony and for the reception. If you know someone who is getting married, they can contact me by email or through my Facebook page (links on the website).

Also, I am hoping that I will be able to make some recordings and upload them to Youtube. I will keep you posted on the process.

That’s all for now. Until next time, take care!

Murder Mime the Musical Closing Night

And so, the curtain has come down on Murder Mime the Musical! Working on this show has been a blast; it has truly been an amazing experience.  This year is my twentieth year of music, so this opportunity could not have happened at a better time.

First of all, I would like to thank our wonderful writer, lyricist, and director, Erin Hutchison, for her hard work, energy, and commitment in bringing this show to life. Erin, thank you for giving me the opportunity to play for this show and for trusting me with playing great music that was so worth working on. You were great to work with.

Next, I would like to thank the cast. All of you gave amazing performances filled with talent, energy, and commitment. Getting to be your piano accompanist has been an absolute joy. I enjoyed every moment of working with you, and I hope that we will get to work together again in the future.

And of course, let us not forget the rest of the crew for their hard work on this show. All of you did a great job.

So, thank you all for an incredible experience. I am so grateful that I got to do this show with you, and I hope that there will be more collaborations in the future. Bye for now!

Celebrating twenty years of music

Twenty years ago, I took my first piano lesson, with my brother following soon after. At the time, I can’t say I enjoyed it; in fact, I downright hated practising. But somehow, I stuck with it and kept going. And now, I can honestly say that I’m glad I made that decision.

Now, I can officially say that I have played piano for twenty years, and it has brought so much to my life. The past two decades have been full of many amazing musical opportunities and accomplishments, and I hope that over the next twenty years, I’ll have many more.

So, here’s to two decades of music! I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.


And More Shenanigans Sneak Preview Night

Hi everyone,

The cast and crew of the upcoming musical, Murder Mime the Musical, will be hosting a fundraising event for the show on September 15 at 7 p.m.. This event will take place at the Naked Cyber Cafe. We will be previewing two original songs from the musical. There will also be refreshments and a silent auction. For more information, click the link below:


Murder Mime the Musical

Good news everyone!

Today, I met with the artistic director of And More Shenanigans Productions, and I am excited to announce that I have been hired on as a pianist for their upcoming show, Murder Mime the Musical. This dark comedy tells the story of an aspiring young opera singer, Max, who loses his voice through unforeseen circumstances and becomes a murderer (a murder mime, if you will, since he can’t sing or talk!) The show will open on October 26th and run until November 1 at The Backstage Theatre. I am very excited to be joining the show.

First Cadaveret and now Murder Mime the Musical. When it comes to my musical theatre work, I appear to have a tendency to be hired for Halloween-themed musicals…