“I had the privilege of working with Marlena on a new musical. She is an incredibly talented, professional, and helpful accompanist. She was always prepared and went the extra mile on many occasions. The music in this show was incredibly complicated and Marlena mastered it with ease.  She faced challenges with enthusiasm and followed the actors beautifully. She is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her services!”

-Erin Hutchison
Artistic director, playwright
Cathexis Theatre (formerly And More Shenanigans Productions)


“While working on my cabaret over the span of several months, Marlena proved herself a very capable and professional accompanist. She went the extra mile to figure out and transcribe arrangements in a different key when sheet music was not available. She always came to rehearsal well-prepared and did not disappoint at performance time, showing much technical skill and poise. She also demonstrated an easy-going, friendly demeanour and was flexible, working around our schedules. I’d highly recommend Marlena’s services!”

-Amanda LeBlanc
Cadaveret, 2014


“I was fortunate enough to have Marlena play the piano for my wedding in June 2015, both at our ceremony and for our first dance at the reception. Marlena’s playing was technically excellent; her extensive experience with piano performance was evident in her professionalism and perfectionism! More importantly, Marlena feels deeply and her music is correspondingly emotive and moving. She is furthermore an incredibly kind, genial, and accommodating young woman willing to go above and beyond in terms of the time she dedicated to our event. My husband and I —and all of our guests — can recommend Marlena’s musicianship very highly!”

-Megan Engel


“I myself have worked with Marlena a couple times and must say that she is a well taught and impressive accompanist. Her musicianship and musical talent really bring an amazing musical aspect to the performance(s). Working with her a few times has given me a good idea of her professionalism and integrity as a musician and I must say that I am impressed all around by her amazing skills and ability to work with any musical genre and how she is eager to take on any challenges.”

-Isaac Earl
University of Alberta music student


“Marlena has accompanied both my church group and performance band on numerous occasions and she is fabulous! Technically proficient and able to adjust to any playing style, she is our go-to when we need a pianist/keyboard player.  Very pleasant to work with, she is an honorary member of my groups, and always adds so much to the performances.  I couldn’t recommend her any more highly!”

-Kevin Engel
Good Shepherd Parish